Thermal Imaging During Home Inspections

Use of an infrared camera is not used during the home inspection process.  Thermal imaging is an added service focusing on hidden moisture intrusion, heat loss areas and looking for electrical hotspots in the home.

At an additional cost (see Services) a full Thermal Imaging Inspection of the home is available where a full scan of the home is conducted, analyzing for moisture intrusion, insulation deficiencies, areas of energy loss and electrical hotspots.

Thermal Imaging Reports

Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows us to show our clients things about their homes that can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods and standards.  Ancillary inspection reports are just as important as the reports generated for standard inspections.  For something as specialized as a thermal imaging inspection, it’s critical that the information presented meets the clients’ needs for information they can use and act on.